Your videos are great but you want them to be better. How much of your time are you going to commit to learning this stuff?

I did a degree in this stuff – SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

Even if you know EXACTLY what you want from your videos, sometimes and external perspective can help break down the job into its component parts, to get your video MADE. Quickly and cheaply.

Are your videos boring? I can help with that too. Years spent on YouTube, Tumblr and Tiktok has calibrated my brain to have a 6 second attention span. I vital tool when empathising with today’s typical social media user.

Here’s the kind of PROCESS you can expect…

Have you seen my new advert?

  • We start with a series of important questions. Before we even mention video ideas we discuss who your customers are, where we can find them and what you want them to do. Then we talk about AIDA….attention, interest, desire and call to action. Once we have that core framework in place we can talk about how we can achieve and measure those goals.
  • We make our video on paper first using tried and tested scripts and storyboards where appropriate. For straight to camera content we plan out a content calendar with prompts, questions and reminders. Once it is all written down we elimatinate uncertainty and fear.

Charged at £350 per day

  • I am fortunate to have worked with the finest videographers in Jersey. My mission is to match the right people with the right job. Even if that means the right person is you, using your phone! Years of no-budget film making has taught me when and how to cut corners and exactly where to spend the money.

No extra charge for MAGIC

  • There is something magical about video. It’s why I got into film making and why it is such a powerful force to use in business.
  • When was the last time you said WOW about a Google advert!

Charged at £55 per hour

  • Whether it be footage that I have made, you have filmed on your phone or even stock footage from the internet; I’m not fussy about what goes on my timeline. Likewise I can pump out video content in different formats and sizes. 

Youtube Channel Management Charged at £500 per month

  • From video SEO to dealing with comments, business enquires or even thumbnail creation – Youtubing can quickly eat up your time.