• Alastair J. Grant makes short videos for social media
  • Running a video advert on Facebook is cheaper than running photos or text.
  • Track what your customers do after they watch your video. 
  • Alastair’s videos are authentic, funny, and can be filmed in bulk
  • Even if you want to make videos on your phone, he can help you get your videos seen, liked and shared.

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Do you even have the time to make videos for your business?

You want to make bold, eye catching, thumb-stopping, funny, entertaining videos that people share

You know how to make videos on your phone but it isn’t enough. It makes your business and you look like an amateur.

You don’t even want to perform in your videos. You are worried you will look like an idiot – or worse – an imposter.

I have over 20 years experience in dealing with these issues.